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Housing Policies

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A. Guest Conduct. Guests at The Finnley Hotel (managed by Mitten Housing) agree to the following:

No parties. Do not exceed the posted occupancy limit. Violations will result in the residency being terminated without refund.
No smoking (except in designated smoking areas) or illegal drugs. Guest agrees to pay a $1,000 fine + cleaning costs for smoking inside the property. Please follow local laws and clean up trash if smoking outside.
No pets (registered service animals are welcome for no extra fees).
To follow check in/out times procedures.
To pay full replacement costs for damaged or missing items.
To abide by the cancellation and payment policies on the listing.

B. Maintenance & Cleanliness issues.

All maintenance issues should be reported immediately to Mitten Housing. If a maintenance issue occurs that cannot be fixed in a reasonable amount of time, and significantly affects the Guest’s stay, Mitten Housing reserves the right to refund at its discretion or relocate Guests to another property. Housekeeping issues are to be addressed immediately upon arrival but in no way void this contract. Mitten Housing must be contacted immediately and the situation will be assessed at that time.

C. Guest Supplies & Amenities.

The property is unless otherwise noted on our website, equipped and set up as a fully furnished property that will include bedspreads, linens, blankets, pillows, towels, TV(s) & furnishings. We may not have all the items you may be accustomed to having in your home. If there is a special type of item you are accustomed to using please provide those items by bringing them with you.

D. Amenities & Internet

Mitten Housing is not responsible for any amenities or services that are closed, out of service, or cannot be used for any reason, and no refunds shall be made for such events.
Mitten Housing provides complimentary wireless internet at The Finnley Hotel as a convenience for The Guest. If The Guest has any problems accessing the internet, please notify Mitten Housing immediately. Please note that internet connectivity issues may be outside of Mitten Housing’s control. While we will do our best to work with the Internet Service Providers to resolve connectivity issues as quickly as possible, we are at the mercy of the service providers to resolve issues. As this is a complimentary service, no refunds will be assessed for internet connectivity issues.

E. Security & Noise Complaints

Please respect the neighbors that call this community their home. Parties and noise complaints are not acceptable. If a noise complaint occurs, guests will be notified via email, booking channel, or SMS. If another noise complaint is received, guest will be immediately removed from the property without refund.
If a member of our security team is called to the property for any reason relating to any disturbance, smoking, illegal drugs, occupancy issues, noise, lewd or other disruptive behavior, domestic disputes, or overstay of a reservation, the Guest will be will be charged a fine of $500 in addition to the normal costs of rental and any damage to the property.
If the police are called to a property for any reason relating to any disturbance, occupancy issues, noise, lewd or other disruptive behavior, domestic disputes, overstay of your reservation, or racially intolerant language or behavior, the Guest will be charged a fine of $2,500 in addition to the normal costs of rental and any damage to the property.
Security Devices. The Guest acknowledges there may be exterior security cameras at the property, as well as smart home detectors (NO recording capabilities) inside the property. Please do not tamper with the devices.

F. Payments and cancellations

Security deposit(s) may be required, information regarding security deposits is provided in the listing details. Failure to authorize a security deposit will be treated as a cancellation, and no refunds will be issued.

Cancellations within 24 hours prior to check-in will receive a full refund.

Guest(s) are encouraged to obtain travel insurance, but understand Mitten Housing and The Finnley Hotel do not provide travel insurance for guests.
Cancellations should be processed directly with Mitten Housing through email or booking platform messages. Mitten Housing, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to provide a credit for a future stay. Mitten Housing is under no obligation to offer any refunds outside of the cancellation policy.
Guests agree to refrain from filing fraudulent credit card disputes. Guests acknowledge they will be liable for costs incurred by Mitten Housing defending these disputes.

G. Limitation of Liability

Mitten Housing and “Owner” (Owner refers to building owner, property management company, or homeowner) is not responsible for any personal effects of The Guest that may disappear from the property. Mitten Housing maintains insurance on the structure and those items belonging to us. Guests are responsible for insurance on all of guest’s personal items. The Guest will be fully responsible for all damage to the property or contents during their stay. In the event that the home becomes un-rentable through any action of The Guest, then The Guest agrees to pay the nightly rate as specified in the “Rates” section until the home may be put back into a rentable condition, in addition to being responsible for any damage caused by Guest, their invites, or other persons. The Guest agrees to indemnify Mitten Housing and hold it harmless from any injury or damage resulting to The Guest, their invites, or other persons, their personal property, the home, its contents, or the property, occurring in the suite itself or in any common areas including, but not limited to, stairways, parking lots, recreational areas, and swimming pools that may be used by The Guest, their invites, or other persons. The total liability to Mitten Housing and Owner from any loss to The Guest due to interruption of essential services, fire, or other occurrences that renders the suite unusable will be only those days of rental that The Guest has prepaid and not used.